Our 2019 production record:

  • 248 km of weld seams a year
  • 227.500 welds on mass produced components (growing trend)
  • Plus 3,900 QA metallographic cross sections
  • 440 tons of aluminium processed

RIFTEC – More than 15 years of "Made in Germany" industrial friction stir welding

We have been your competent partner in friction stir welding since 2003, always ready to explore new avenues with you. 


Our mission is to find ground-breaking solutions for joining aluminium.


With this aim, we have developed into Germany’s largest provider of friction stir welding for industrial mass-produced components. In our two new, fully automated production cells, we now weld and process up to 400,000 radiators a year. 


We attach great value to satisfying each individual customer's requirements, no matter how big or how small. We therefore also weld single parts, prototypes and short runs, using the most diverse processing steps. And of course, we are delighted when a prototype project turns into series production.  


These are our key values: innovation – commitment – involvement


RIFTEC's research

Well – in this case we let others do the research: Quite recently, Dr. Axel Meyer was elected Deputy Chairman of the Research Association for Welding and Allied Processes e.V. at the DVS. On January 1st 2020 he took office. He remains voluntary chair of the expert committee "Special Welding Process" (FA5). In this role, he has been involved in research on innovative welding processes for a wide variety of materials for many years.

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