Market leader FSW

RIFTEC - More than welding aluminium

We are the market leader in friction stir welding.

Just over 20 years ago we brought friction stir welding out of the research stage into industrial application. Today we are the market leader in Europe and weld for customers from various industrial sectors.

The high quality of our welds is what our customers appreciate about us. Not only are friction stir welded seams optically of very high quality - they also have 80 - 100% of the strength of the base material. In addition, the welds can be shaped or otherwise processed in an excellent way.

We weld and process sheet metal, profiles and cast parts made of aluminum and other light metals.

As fusion welding and assembly are also parts of our portfolio we can offer our customers the entire production of components.


Our headquarters are located in Geesthacht, Schleswig-Holstein, close to Hamburg. We employ about 30 people here, including some trainees and students. And from time to time we recruit new team members.



Our mission statement (extract)

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are the center of our corporate policy. We want our products to meet your requirements and expectations perfectly.

We create and maintain the necessary skills for our team, a modern plant park and the best general set-up.



Our Vision

We are the leading supplier in the production and development of friction stir welded aluminium compounds in Europe. Our ideas and our knowledge always create new opportunities and secure our future. Changes in the market are regarded as an opportunity for more growth. By developing and providing innovative products, services and solutions, we meet the newly emerging demands of our customers.


The HAI-Group

Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI-Group) are active along the entire aluminium value chain. From the processing of scrap aluminium to foundry, extrusion plants, forming, welding and processing to the surface to the finished product. 


The HAI-Group is represented at eight locations in Austria, Germany, Romania and Poland. It employs a total of around 2,000 people, making it one of the "big players" in the European aluminium industry. The group wide planned sales amounts to about 950 Mio. Euros in 2022.