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RIFTEC - About Us

RIFTEC is market leader in friction stir welding. But who are the people behind? They are Alexander von Strombeck and Dr. Axel Meyer, supported by 40 employees. With the objective of taking friction stir welding out of the research stage and putting it into industrial practice, the two CEOs founded the business shortly after completing their engineering studies. That was in 2003. Today, 18 years later, we are the leading supplier of friction stir welded aluminium joints in Germany and have become a permanent player in the European market.


At RIFTEC, the concept of “we” has been important right from the start – humanity is a core value of the business and not just a buzzword. In the past 18 years, we have often teamed up to go paddling (sitting or standing up), bowling, go-karting, playing or watching football, playing swingolf, having barbecues, cooking, eating, we’ve done harbour cruises and many other things. Every year the list grows, and that’s exactly how we like it.


We train our friction stir welders ourselves – and would prefer to keep working with them for as long as possible.

We offer them the following:

  • Company health management
  • Flexible work time models (depending on the type of work)
  • Internal and external on-going training
  •  Walking/hiking group with professional guidance
  • Fitness room and football table
  • Supply of workwear (also depending on the job)
  • Weekly free fruit and vegetable hamper for all
  • Joint activities several times a year