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RIFTEC´s large format sheets

Expand your portfolio with our friction stir welded large format sheets. Turn standard aluminium sheets into individual and super-sized sheets. With variable overall dimensions and, if required, different sheet thicknesses. Even structural sheets can be friction stir welded outstandingly.

Usually, standard panels are in stock at the aluminium dealers` warehouse and thus available immediately. But super sized sheets are custom-made. 

Depending on the size of the press batch, 3 to 5 tons of material have to be purchased. Delivery takes 10 to 25 weeks or even more - too much and too long for many customers. 

To manufacture individual large and super-sized sheets with dimensions of up to 8 x 3.5 m RIFTEC uses standard panels available from sheet metal dealers. Welding depths of up to 30 mm are possible. And even combinations of different sheet thicknesses, for example to save weight. That is how we shorten the delivery times compared to ordering rolling lots with special formats and at the same time we offer various quantities - all to help our customers to act more flexibly. 


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Here it is: our latest system for friction stir welding!

Six meters wide, ten meters long, five meters high and weighing a good 60 t - that's how it stands, our new double-head gantry system. It complements our machine park and enormously expands our friction stir welding possibilities since the beginning of 2021. Now we are able to weld components up to 8 x 3.5 m in size, which is more than twice as long as before. Three-dimensional, of course, because the system has five axes. With an axial force of up to 50 kN, we achieve welding depths of up to 30 mm, depending on the alloy - but small 0.5 mm are also possible.

But the real big deal about our new production facility is its overhead welding module. The gantry system has two FSW spindles. One of which is located in the machine portal, the other in the overhead welding module.

We can weld components over a length of up to 3 m linearly and simultaneously from above and below. Not only is this particularly economical but it also reduces the already low distortion in friction stir welding.

Technical details: 

Some impressions of the construction of our new FSW gantry system: