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Friction stir welded radiators stay sealed


Tailored Welded Blanks (TWB) for Audi and Mercedes:

  • Our friction stir welded TWB in the Audi R8 was the first structural application of FSW in Europe, besides being the world’s first aluminium TWB

  • Friction stir welding is consistent, making it ideal for series production

  • For the Mercedes SL we manufacture the first threepart friction stir welded TWB in a mass-produced vehicle


Main floor of the Mercedes SL:

  • Extremely thinwalled profiles

  • Nevertheless high stability owing to special geometry


Radiators for electric cars:

  • Mass production

  • First automated manufacturing cell with FSW, machining, pressure testing

Energy and environment

Environmentally friendly aluminium welding

Energy and environment

  • Friction stir welding without rework despite seam in full view - no burrs


Shape the future with RIFTEC


  • We regularly attend various industry events, where we make captivating presentations
  • We are involved in youth development and committee work
  • We actively participate in project-related committees, thus promoting research

Food industry

Pore-free seams

Food industry

Drying trays:

Absolutely defectfree seam surface

  • Ultrathin wall extrusion profiles
  • Must withstand high mechanical stresses
  • Complete RIFTEC module including material procurement, manufacture, surface treatment and addons; weight optimisation
  • Highvolume series production

Carriage plates:

  • Absolutely gapfree

  • Strictest standards of hygiene


Friction stir welding for the most exacting demands


  • High-strength aluminium profiles up to 700 MPa parent metal strength
  • At the time, the only FSW component in the A400M + first FSW series-produced Airbus component

Machine and plant engineering

Friction stir welding of ‘Made in Germany’ quality

Machine and plant engineering

  • High penetration depth


  • Welded hollow profile construction

  • high-strength alloys is possible

Medical engineering

High-vacuum-tight joints

Medical engineering

  • Aluminium-steel joints
  • High-vacuum-tight joint of sheet aluminium with a stainless steel ring
  • Various construction designs
  • Safety critical
  • Mass production for almost 15 years

Transport industry

A flying start with ultra-thin-wall profiles

Transport industry

Vehicle construction:

  • Thin walls

  • Sophisticated extruded profile


Railway vehicle construction:

  • Very precise contours because of special assembly situation

  • Extremely stringent surface demands with seam in full view

  • Certified to DIN EN 15085-2 CL1