01/2021: Revision of ISO 25239...

German version of the revised DIN standard 25239 is now available

Almost exactly a year ago we proudly announced that the revision of ISO 25239 had been completed. An international working group had formed under the chair of our commercial director Dr Axel Meyer. The group evaluated many change requests and comments from friction stir welders from all over the world and incorporated some of them into the standard. Now the German version of the revised standard, DIN EN ISO 25239: 2020, is finally available as well.


Compared to the previous version issued 2012, some definitions of terms have been added, others have been revised. For example, the joint area deformation, the plunge phase and the weld root defects. The regulations and requirements for the qualification of the operator and those of the welding procedure specification have also been revised and supplemented. The concept of three different acceptance levels for assessing the weld quality has been added. In addition, the table of imperfections in Part 5 of the standard has been fundamentally revised.


All of these changes and improvements are a further step towards the "emancipation" of friction stir welding, regarding the acceptance of our process as an equivalent and high-quality welding process for industry. And we at RIFTEC were once again able to prove that we are the technology leaders in friction stir welding in Germany. No other German friction stir welder contributed to the initiative to update the standard with comments or requests for changes.


Below you can find more about the new ISO standard and what the changes mean for the fsw users:


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